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Play Area Safety Guidelines


Be respectful to our play houses, toys, supplies,play equipment and most importantly, your fellow patrons. Please DO NOT bring toys from home into the PLAY area, and please DO NOT remove any toys from the PLAY area that belong there.

Children and adults will be kind, respectful and conscious of the safety of all patrons. Rough playing or bullying will NOT be tolerated.

All snacks, food, and uncovered drinks should be eaten at tables on the cafe side ONLY. Covered drinks, (coffee, bottles, sippy cups,etc) are ok in the PLAY area (at a table please.) If you need a lid for your drink, please ask a staff member.

 If your child is struggling with our safety rules or needs your attention, please tend to them. Staff members will enforce safety rules as necessary but are NOT babysitters. Please note and abide by all posted signage and policies.

Patrons should not enter the facility with a know contagious illness and KIDZVILLE reserves the right to ask patrons who are sick to leave the premises if illness poses a risk to other users in our facility. Please use the available hand sanitizer before entering the PLAY area and wash hands after eating and every restroom visit.

Change diapers ONLY in our restroom facilities. We have changing tables available.

Please understand that all children at KIDZVILLE will only gain entry with the presence of and must be supervised by a Parent, Guardian, or caretaker at all times. No drops allowed ( unless otherwise noted) B. Waivers must be signed upon entering the PLAY Area. C. No adult is permitted into the PLAY area without the entry of a child – They may patronize our CAFE AREA ONLY.


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